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 Do you know about the amazing benefits of essential oils?

My beginnings with DoTerra started way back in 2012 when this fairly new ‘Essential Oil Company’ was just taking off in Australia.   I was looking for a more convenient way to combine my vitamin regime whilst still receiving the quality of supplements I required. Someone introduced me to the Lifelong Vitality Pack (LVP) and I haven’t looked back.  That was 8 years ago.

I am in NO WAY a salesperson.  In fact the minute someone starts with the hard sell or I am feeling pressured to buy, I start running in the opposite direction.  This is why DoTerra is perfect for me as I not only use the daily supplements, these beautiful oils pretty much sell themselves.

My own personal health issues (and I have a few more than most) and my work with combining different healing modalities has made these oils not only an essential part of my everyday but also to the work I am guided to do for others.

If you have considered joining or are interested in hearing more I would love to have you in my team.  Your experience with these oils will depend on what you would like to get out of them.

As a DoTerra Advocate I back up my oils through my experiences as a qualified Massage Therapist.  I also hold an Aromatherapy Diploma and am currently studying an Advance Diploma in essential oils.

By becoming part of my team you receive:

  • 25% off RRP for EVERYTHING DoTerra.
  • Membership in our private FB community ‘Inspiroiltional’
  • Get mentored by Me I will support you in your DoTerra journey. Assist you with how to place your orders and you can ask all your questions and get personalised advice

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Enrollment : From $35

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