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Pastel Painting – Spiritual Art – Cleansing Goddess


Intuitive – Spiritual Art Soft Pastel Portraits – ©2017 Goddess Series

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Original Pastel Artwork by Michelle Potter Visionary Artist.  This painting is part of a 2017 Collection of Original Goddess Paintings

Soft Pastel Portrait 50 x 70 cm. All Artwork will come signed and rolled up in a postal tube.

Please note : Colours may vary slightly on original artwork.


The Cleansing Goddess steps forward helping to awaken the power of self. It is time to shed away your old self and step into the flow of healing and change. Gracefully glide through the waves of emotion without self judgment rather than allowing yourself to be trapped by it. Give yourself permission to let go of all that no longer serves you.

When we start to clean out our mental and material closets we can be tempted to "throw the baby out with the bath water". Sometimes it may feel good the rip the band aid off quickly but in doing so we maybe delaying or inhibiting the healing process that clearing out can bring. Remember when we clear out we leave an empty space that will need to be filled.

If you have not given yourself enough time to reflect and clarify what you really need you may be tempted to just substitute or replace a situation rather than evolve it. By tackling one clearing at a time you will gradually start to align to your own truth to create a more fulfilling and empowering life.

Clearing can also bring up confronting or uncomfortable feelings. Believe it or not this is a good thing. You cannot go from the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan overnight. We have had years of conditioning from our upbringing to societies expectations. Physical and psychological trauma cannot be fixed overnight. There is no magic potion, it takes time and work to realise our own true beauty.

In times of self doubt and disharmony tune into Swan energy which includes self-esteem, inner beauty, evolution and commitment. Often during the toughest times you will have the biggest breakthroughs.


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