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Intuitive – Spiritual Art Soft Pastel Portraits – ©2017 Goddess Series

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Original Pastel Artwork by Michelle Potter Visionary Artist.  This painting is part of a 2017 Collection of Original Goddess Paintings

Soft Pastel Portrait 50 x 70 cm. All Artwork will come signed and rolled up in a postal tube.

Please note : Colours may vary slightly on original artwork.


This Goddess steps forward to assist us in realising what it is to seek the true meaning of abundance.

When we seek abundance what is it that we truly want? Do we wish to create comfort, a lifestyle or happiness? Do we seek love or acceptance? Do we want to free ourselves of the financial burdens of life? Perhaps we are looking for purpose. Will being more abundant allow us to spend more time with the people you love? If we are seeking the truth in why we desire prosperity and abundance, then it is important we take the time to listen what our souls are saying.

This Goddess asks us to open our heart and to listen carefully to our thoughts. If we catch ourselves thinking negatively, recognise the true meaning behind why. Then be brave enough to release it so it can be transmuted into more positive, constructive thought patterns. The first steps to abundance through gratitude are to be able to consciously recognise our thoughts and to observe where we are channelling our energy on a daily basis. If life is a reflection of our own doing then the road to abundance can start with one action and one affirmation at a time.

Today is the day we can all start to deposit into our spiritual bank account.

This Goddess reminds us that we always have the power of choice. The ability to shift our focus through positive affirmations, intentions and our actions are all within our control. The Abundance Goddess wants to remind us that when we seek with pure intentions, followed by action then the universal law of attraction will assist us in providing everything we desire.

Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level. - Eileen Caddy


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