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Intuitive – Spiritual Art Soft Pastel Portraits – ©2017 Goddess Series

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Original Pastel Artwork by Michelle Potter Visionary Artist.  This painting is part of a 2017 Collection of Original Goddess Paintings

Soft Pastel Portrait 50 x 70 cm. All Artwork will come signed and rolled up in a postal tube.

Please note : Colours may vary slightly on original artwork.


The Healing Goddess steps forward  to embrace you with her light, love and warmth. She is here to remind each of us we have an obligation to love, nurture and protect the inner child that lives within each of us. The child who is at our core and is the most impressionable and vulnerable. How many of you have forgotten about this aspect of yourself?

It is she who takes the impact when you are hurt or angry. It is she who finds creative expression and pleasure in the small things. It is she who wants to be unrestrained and free against society and the restrictions around conformity. It is she who needs to be loved, guided and nurtured.

Just as an adult should protect a child the Healing Goddess asks that we take the same steps to protect the child residing within each of us. This is where the beginning of your healing can take place.

Start by sitting with a picture of your younger self. What would you say? How would you communicate with this child? As this child's protector, how will you support and help this child. How will you allow this child to express themselves in a positive and a productive way? If you could tell them how special and important they are, what would you say? Remember, you are the parent to your own inner child.

If you are starting your pathway to healing but you simply don't know how to start. Start at the beginning.

What would your life look like as an adult if you had been fully supported and guided as a child? Even through our bad decisions, heartaches and failures we still have an opportunity to transmute these into constructive and positive outcomes. The lessons that cross our path are always an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Be your inner child's advocate and do not be afraid to stand in your power. The Healing Goddess feels and understands our pain. She sees the potential in each of us. She desires for all to be content and happy. She wants to see us succeed. She wants to encourage us to live to our fullest potential. Everyone wants to be heard and our inner child is no different. You just have to be ready to listen.


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