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Intuitive – Spiritual Art Soft Pastel Portraits – ©2017 Goddess Series

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Original Pastel Artwork by Michelle Potter Visionary Artist.  This painting is part of a 2017 Collection of Original Goddess Paintings

Soft Pastel Portrait 50 x 70 cm. All Artwork will come signed and rolled up in a postal tube.

Please note : Colours may vary slightly on original artwork.


The Releasing Goddess steps forward to help you realign with your true nature to reawaken the Lightworker within you.

Do you carry a sense that you are here for a much bigger purpose? How are your gifts going to bring light and love to yourself and the people around you? Are you ready to walk on the enlightened pathway and walk the talk?

Anyone can read a book and be educated. Anyone can take a course and say they have a vast array of knowledge to share and incite people. But for those truly wanting to take the path of the Lightworker you must also live, walk and breathe that knowledge. Integrate that experience and wisdom into your life, to become a living example of an enlightened being. Are you ready to let life’s experiences make you grow rather than dimming your light?

Life becomes a harsh training ground for a Lightworker so that they can be of the highest service to mankind. Many Lightworker’s have lived a lot of life in a short period of time. Their lives are beautifully decorated with loss, sadness, illness, depression, anxiety and fear so that they can live and teach how to navigate through the uncertainty of life and be living proof of walking the talk. – Sarah Prout

If you are looking for a sign then THIS IS IT !

The Releasing Goddess is asking you to release society's expectations, the defining roles that for lifetimes we have just accepted. We no longer have to fit into the 'good girl/boy' rolls to fit into this new world. Stop conforming to the expectations of others. Why should we be seeking approval when we play our roles well, and receive disapproval when we play our roles badly. If you are to live an authentic life according to your own truth then be prepared to be different so your light can shine.

My definition of a Lightworker is: someone who wholeheartedly makes the decision to make the world a brighter place by them being in it. The more conscious we get, the higher our vibration and the more aligned to Source we become. The more conscious we are, the more we see how everything is connected and how we fit into a larger whole. – Rebecca Campbell


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