Third Eye Pendant and Apophyllite Crystal – Silver Chain


Hand Painted Glass Cabochon Third Eye Pendant with Apophylite Crystal on Silver Chain

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Third Eye Pendants are hand painted on 1 inch glass cabochon's. Each Pendant is charged with a sigil which is a magical symbol of intent. All Third Eye Pendants come with an Apophyllite Crystal for use in meditation.

Apophyllite stones are powerful to aid you to become spiritually uplifted. In particular these crystals will stimulate the area of the third eye Chakra intensifying your inner vision and clearing any blockages in the Crown Chakra.

The Third Eye Pendants are personally hand painted by me. Necklace hangs on a Black or Silver Coloured Alloy Ball Chain 2.4 mm 24 inches long. Each black Pendant is decorated with either silver/purple or blue craft wire. Each Silver Pendant is decorated with either blue/purple or black craft wire. Pendants have been pre made so you will receive the pendant that I have chosen for you unless you contact me prior to purchase.

Pendants are not waterproof, please remove to swim or shower. NOT INTENDED FOR SMALL CHILDREN.

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